80’s HOT DISCO HITS (Full album)

80’s HOT DISCO HITS (Full album)

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80s Music 01


Track List:


01. Dancing In The Dark 

02. Roadrunner /U.K.

03. Do You Really Need Me /K.B. Caps 

04. Birthday Girl /DJ’s Project 

05. How Are You /DJ’s Project

06. Love-Spy 

07. Julia /K.B. Caps 

08. Agent Of Liberty

09. Catch Me Now I’m Falling /K.B. Caps 

10. Lady Ecstasy 

11. Don’t Leave Me Now

12. Germany

13. Stand Up 

14. Vision Of Love /DJ’s Project 

15. Don’t Talk To The Snake 

16. Peace To Mankind 

17. Cecilia 

18. Heavy Water 

19. Let’s Start Now 

20. Here I Am 

21. Double Trouble 

22. Africa 

23. Back To Happy Days 

24. Midnight Runners 

25. Days I Remember


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