Elvis Presley – Love Songs Full Album

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Elvis Presley


Track List:


1.  Elvis Presley Can’t Help Falling in Love

2. Elvis Presley It’s Now or Never

3. Elvis Presley She’s Not You

4. Elvis Presley The Girl of My Best Friend

5. Elvis Presley I’m Coming Home

6. Elvis Presley Fever

7. Elvis Presley Shoppin’ Around

8. Elvis Presley That’s When Your Heartaches Begin

9. Elvis Presley (Now and Then There’s) A Fool Such as I

10. Elvis Presley One Night

11. Elvis Presley Don’t Ask Me Why

12. Elvis Presley I’m Left, You’re Right, She’s Gone

13. Elvis Presley Blue Hawaii

14. Elvis Presley I Beg of You

15. Elvis Presley A Mess of Blues

16. Elvis Presley Love Me

17. Elvis Presley Don’t Leave Me Now

18. Elvis Presley Don’t

19. Elvis Presley I Forgot to Remember to Forget

20. Elvis Presley How’s the World Treating You?

21. Elvis Presley Such a Night

22. lvis Presley Are You Lonesome Tonight?

23. Elvis Presley Have I Told You Lately That I Love You?

24. Elvis Presley Good Luck Charm

25. Elvis Presley Love Me Tender

26. Elvis Presley Wooden Heart

27. Elvis Presley True Love

28. Elvis Presley Don’t Be Cruel

29. Elvis Presley There’s Always Me

30. Elvis Presley Starting Today

31. Elvis Presley In Your Arms

32. Elvis Presley Loving You

33. Elvis Presley Treat Me Nice

34. Elvis Presley Anyway You Want Me (That’s How I Will Be)

35. Elvis Presley Stuck on You

36. Elvis Presley Playing for Keeps

37. Elvis Presley Young Dreams

38. Elvis Presley I’m Counting on You

39. Elvis Presley Young and Beautiful

40. Elvis Presley One-Sided Love Affair

41. Elvis Presley (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear

42. Elvis Presley Wear My Ring Around Your Neck

43.  Elvis Presley Your Cheatin’ Heart

44. Elvis Presley I Want You, I Need You, I Love You

45. Elvis Presley Surrender

46. Elvis Presley Tonight Is so Right for Love

47.  Elvis Presley A Big Hunk o’ Love

48.  Elvis Presley Return to Sender

49. Elvis Presley What’s She Really Like

50. Elvis Presley It’s a Sin

51.  Elvis Presley Gently

52.  Elvis Presley Pocketful of Rainbows

53. Elvis Presley I Gotta Know

54. lvis Presley Doin’ the Best I Can

55. Elvis Presley My Wish Came True

56. Elvis Presley As Long as I Have You

57. Elvis Presley Lover Doll

58. Elvis Presley Just Tell Her Jim Said Hello

59. Elvis Presley I Was the One

60. Elvis Presley I Love You Because

61. Elvis Presley I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Cry

62. Elvis Presley Suspicion

63. Elvis Presley I Need You So

64. Elvis Presley How Do You Think I Feel?

65. Elvis Presley Too Much

66. Elvis Presley I Need Your Love Tonight

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