Aerosmith Live In Houston (1988) (full concert)


Aerosmith 01


Track List:


1.Toys In the Attic 

2.Same Old Song and Dance 

3.Big Ten Inch Record 

4.Dude Looks Like a Lady 

5.Lightning Strikes 

6.Rag Doll 

7.Hangman Jury 

8.Permanent Vacation 


10.Back In the Saddle (11.Brad Whitford Solo 

12.Last Child 

13.Joe Perry Solo 

14.Draw the Line 

15.One Way Street 

16.Dream On 

17.Train Kept a-Rollin'(

18.Joey Kramer Solo 

19.Sweet Emotion 

20.Peter Gunn Theme 

21.I’m Down 

22.Walk This Way 


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