Jean Michel Jarre – Water For Life [Full Concert] – HD


Jean Michel Jarre 01



Track List:


1.-“Intro Saturée” – 3’50
2.-“Suite for Flute”
3.-“Oxygene 2”
4.-“Miss Moon”
5.-“Oxygene 7”
6.-“Space of Freedom” (originally “March 23”)
7.-“Chronologie 6”
8.-“Millions of Stars”
9.-“Oxygene 4”
10.-“Education” (originally “Revolution, Revolutions”, with new lyrics)
11.-“Gagarin” (originally Hey Gagarin)
12.-“Light My Sky” (originally “Tout Est Bleu”, with new lyrics)
13.-“Oxygene 12”
14.-“Chronologie 2”
15.-“C’est la Vie”
16.-“Theremin Memories”
17.-“Souvenir of China”
18.-“UNESCO Theme” (originally “Eldorado”)
19.-“Rendez-Vous 4”
20.-“Rendez-Vous 2”


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