Take That – The Circus Live 2009 At Wembley Stadium – London


Take That


Track List:


1. “The Adventures Of A Lonely Balloon” 
2. “Greatest Day” 
3. “Hello” 
4. “Could It Be Magic” 
5. “Pray” 
6. “A Million Love Songs” 
7. “Back For Good” 
8. “The Garden” 
9. “Shine” 
10. “Up All Night” 
11. “Wooden Boat” 
12. “How Did It Come To This?” 
13. “The Snippets – Love Ain’t Here Anymore/Babe/Nobody Else” 
14. “The Circus” 
15. “What Is Love?” 
16. “The Clowns Medley” 
17. “Said It All” 
18. “Never Forget” 
19. “Patience” 
20. “Relight My Fire” (with Loleatta Holloway) 
21. “Hold Up A Light” 
22. “Rule The World”


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