Meat Loaf Legacy – full concert – The Royal Albert Hall RARE FULL SHOW




Track List:


01 Intro (All Revved Up)
02 Paradise by the Dashboard Light
03 Took the Words
04 Out of the Frying Pan
05 Anything for Love
06 Objects in the Rearview Mirror
07 Seize the Night
08 Monster is Loose
09 Bad for Good
10 Break It
11 Blind as a Bat
12 Bat Out of Hell
13 Band Introductions
14 It’s All Coming Back To Me
15 Life is a Lemon


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Hello Everyone. I am stuck at home because I'm disabled & I also have Asperger's syndrome. My husband says it's cool because it's no bar to doing stuff online in my own way. Hope you enjoy these YouTube videos. They are what I watch at home.

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