Eurovision – Lisbon 2018

Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Hiya, Gang – it’s party time again.  All across Europe we’re getting ready to swig back the beers and sing along with the maddest singing competition on Earth.

Every country in joins in and sends a singer and a song.  Australia joins in too simply because!  That’s what Eurovision is like.

Wanna see a hairy transvestite with a beard in a sequined frock crying ‘coz everyone loves him. er, her, er, him, er, well never mind.  Quite a popular person afterwards.


Conchita Eurovision


For all you folks from the Good Ole USA or Canada – Eurovision is twice as big as the Superbowl and it’s a bit like American Idol on steroids and without the need for talent of ANY kind!!

Come and join the Eurovision Song Contest on 12th May 2018 – live from Lisbon, which is probably somewhere in Europe but it might not be – it might be Lisbon in Africa or Mars for all anyone knows or cares.

The fun is in the party!

Join Eurovision LIVE here



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