EthelBertClub 1st Iddy Biddy Video Promo



WOW – At EthelBertClub We’ve Launched A Genuinely Really, Really Mega-Offer Promo Toon Video!

This Is A Once In A Lifetime Mega-Offer Never To Be Repeated!!

Sadly not available to existing Hungry For Hits members.

Get training from the EXPERTS + FREE ADs EVERY MONTH ON US!!!

We will training you and get your stuff in front of 10 x 1,000s people EVERY SINGLE MONTH!!!!

Meet LuckyEthel and My Mate, Bert and find out why EthelBertClub is a must for YOU!!!!!

Catch our weekly training vlogs & learn with humour you will never forget.

Come and join the madness at EthelBertClub and grab your own unique toon video or GIFs for any purpose!

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Hiya, folks. My name is Andre Kish, from Brighton, England. I started working in the business systems tech industries and commercial sales support early 1980s working with systems tech companies & software publishing companies, designing systems, networks, applications software and even assisting with the installation of digital telephone exchanges here in the UK. It's great to know we helped develop the business software used by major commercial companies & assisted with the installation of the networked exchanges that drive the internet today.

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